LSA Lesson Policies



Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student and parent in individual lessons and group lessons, but time preparing for each student to ensure the best music education possible.

Tuition includes:

• 35 private lessons from early September to late May

• 30 group lessons

• Parent guide

• Repertoire planning

• Recital, exam, competition, and festival preparation

• WLU faculty for accompaniment in recitals, festivals, and exams


Payment may be made in full at the beginning of the first term or in four installments through post-dated cheques, Visa, or Mastercard. All cheques should be made out to Wilfrid Laurier University. Please note that a 4% fee will be added to credit card payments. The tuition fees remain the same from month to month (or term to term), regardless of the number of lessons or activities.

Missed Lessons & Make-Up Lesson Policy

LSA instructors are not obliged to make up lessons due to illness, other scheduled events, or last minute cancellations. Students are entitled to one make-up lesson per term, and lessons will be made up due to extreme weather or bereavement. If a student arrives late for a lesson, he or she will receive instruction for the remainder of the scheduled lesson only, out of respect to those whose lessons follow. Studying with a teacher who is an active performer, clinician, and researcher has many benefits, but it also means that some lessons may need to be rescheduled. Your understanding and flexibility is greatly appreciated!

School Holidays

The LSA follows the standard school calendar in terms of holidays (e.g., Christmas break, March break, Easter, etc.). Please note that lessons are still scheduled on PD Days, but group classes will be canceled on all major holidays throughout the year.

Snow Days

If the school board cancels classes due to inclement weather, lessons will be canceled and made up at a later date.

Illness Policy

Please do not bring sick children to lessons or arrive ill yourself. If a student is too ill for school, he/she is too ill for his/her music lesson.

Lesson Termination

With your registration to the Laurier String Academy, we look forward to spending the year together and celebrating your child’s music development. If a student must leave the String Academy due to health reasons or change in circumstances (i.e., the family is moving, sabbatical etc.), a refund will be given, up to the discretion of the individual teacher. Exceptions: at the end of the first term, NEW families or families who have changed teachers within the LSA may discontinue with no penalty if it is not a good fit for them. Withdrawal must be made in writing by December 1st to discontinue in January. Please note that no refunds will be issued after January.